Investment Advice & Wealth Management

Is investing money worthwhile?

The short answer is yes. Investing can be extremely beneficial. Although cash deposits are good for holding emergency money, the value can fall over time due to inflation. This means your hard-earned money is not quite as secure as you would hope and savings accounts are not necessarily providing the best value for money.

Due to the current inflation rate, many people are reconsidering their need for instant access to cash, and putting more money into assets that are more likely to keep up. This opens up a new set of considerations: how should this money be invested? It can be a complex process, because not only is there an overwhelming array of retail investment opportunities available, there are also a number of challenges presented by the current market.

To help you decide on your investments, we will guide you through a four-stage process for creating an investment strategy.

The value of your investment and any income from it may go down as well as up. You may not get back the original amount you invested.

Fact Finding & Goal Planning

  • Establish your goals, objectives and timeframes
  • Analyse your assets, liabilities and personal tax situations
  • Establish target income and capital requirements
  • Determine any specific requirements, such as ethical considerations

Attitude to Risk & Asset Allocation

  • Complete risk profiling
  • Assess your capacity for loss
  • Discuss the volatility of different investment assets
  • Source suitable funds or assets to generate the expected or desired return

Tax Wrapper/Product & Fund Research & Monitoring

  • Pension, ISA, OEIC, UT, bonds, EIS, structured product
  • Investment fund selection via an agreed investment mandate

Review Process

  • Continually monitor the investment recommendations against your attitude to risk and capacity for loss
  • Conduct complete evaluations of all of our recommended funds on a regular basis
  • Rebalance assets to fit allocation model to maintain expected return
  • Conduct regular face to face reviews

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